Doing What’s Right

Wasn’t going to post anything today. But then, scrolling through my feed, I read that Trump’s planned visit to the UK next month has been scrapped.

There are, of course, many factors that led to this cancellation. Many of which we the general public may never know for sure.

But I will say this here.
I feel a clean, clarifying sense of gratification. And relief. And resolve.
I feel like I have a tiny stake in this. (Details of why below.)
And I *will* own this quiet sense of renewed resolve – to keep on fighting for the things I believe are right, and against the things I believe are wrong.
By showing up where it counts, and persevering in the face of silence, apathy, and scepticism.

I choose to own this perspective.
Because it keeps me going, and fills me with a certain, gritty, joy. And hope, that things can get better.
Because, like I wrote in a previous post about #metoo, we can always and must always keep giving ourselves the permission to *care*.

And because it feels like this “daring to care” and to “keep caring”

It feels thrilling, to be frank. To have read this article tonight, and to feel like it was worth the effort I had to put in to join the protest against his originally-planned full state visit last year.

I had also signed the official petition for Parliament to debate whether or not to grant Trump the official state visit.

On 21 Jan 2017 – almost a year ago, to the day – I took Conrad along with me to join in the record-breaking marches that took place across the world on Trump’s Inauguration Day, to protest against what he so brazenly and shamelessly stood for – his misogyny, racism, and morally bankrupt gospels of hatred, division, and self-service at the terrible expense of others.

For those of my friends – and there were some – who said he was “misunderstood”, and “give the guy a chance”… a full year on, how many of these problems are still very much alive today?

For it wasn’t just him as an individual we were marching against. It’s these sick *perspectives* he espouses, and endorses, in his position of “leadership” and “seniority”.

(I ended up on the Japanese newspaper’s coverage of the March:

Original post with commentary:


More pictures:

Live-captured video of Conrad and I walking along with the front guard of the March:

Many of my maternal “walk the talk” reasons for bringing Conrad along with me – Blake was at boarding school, and S was too young to withstand hours in the wintry cold – can be found here in the post I wrote after the election results on 9 November 2016.

Throwback to the toxic legacy of the Apprentice in helping Trump gain a veneer of credibility as leader:

I write this at 1.54 in the morning, in full and tranquil awareness that this post is going to land like a lead balloon. Being passionate about divisive political matters is so… unbecoming of a woman. Isn’t it?

But. Here’s the thing about following the call of your best and highest aspirations.

You get, as I’ve been finding out, to this joyous point when it doesn’t really matter anymore how many naysayers or fence-sitters one has around oneself……

When one can feel, calmly, soberly and with great happiness, that one is helping – in whatever tiny snowflake way that might be available to one – to make a stand for the right side of history. 🤝

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