Finding Her Place

I brought Seraphine to a laser tag birthday party.

What I didn’t tell her before (she loves laser tag) was:

1) it was the birthday of an old school acquaintance whom she barely remembers.

2) it was all boys. She was the only girl.

I chose to do this. These were growth conditions for her.

I watched quietly from the sidelines as she, initially uncertain, definitely out of comfort zone, looked for cues and ways to orient herself, find an anchor, gain some purchase on this new and strange situation. And – boys being boys – she wasn’t about to get any special treatment either, to settle herself in.

She had to find herself her own place.

It was magnificent to watch unfold.

I chose this challenge for her because my instinct told me she would be equal to the task. And the confidence she would gain from successfully navigating the experience would be a confidence she would have earned fair and square. With nothing else but an initial quick intro to boy and mum from me.

She aced it.

She watched the instructor set the rules of engagement. And she read that emerging framework really quickly, slipped right into attention, and – found her groove. Just like that.

Watching her shift from imbalance to poise, from one moment to five minutes later, told me she was indeed going to be just fine.

More than just fine. She was going to (excuse the pun) have a blast. ☺️

And she did. #mygirl

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