Blood Runs Strong

Was trawling through old photos looking for a pic of me from high school prom, and I found this.

Looking at it made me realise my lineage as the confluence of two streams of strong women, on both sides of my family.

Strong, resourceful, independent, industrious women. Who have always found a way, who could make little go so far, who have held up whole weights of families in quiet, matter-of-fact, self-transcending devotion.

But whom – make no mistake – will gladly suffer no fool, who see things straight, who get what’s needed done, who guide with an integrity as unwavering and remarkable as their creativity.

Women with a cracking sense of humour.

Women of uncommon mettle. But so charming and personable that it is rather too easy to stop there at surface, and miss the fierce depth at which the rivers run.

A quick mental tally counts 16 such women, mum grandmas aunts cousins on both sides. Including this cherubic cutie, whom I’ll watch walking down the aisle in a couple of weeks in fond cousinly pride.

It’s simultaneous gift and responsibility to come from stock like this. šŸ’—

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