I was going to share this tonight anyway, in utmost delight and pride, that Vera told me that Seraphine’s rock-climbing teacher told her this evening that “I’m moving Seraphine out of Tiny Tots to join NICAS Level 1, because she is SOOO GOOD.” 😍💪🏔

She’s half a year too young in theory to start her grading (NICAS stands for National Indoor Climbing Achievement Scheme, and is the nationwide grading system for children and youths to improve their indoor climbing skills in a structured and accredited way. http://www.nicas.co.uk/). With the boys I’d always been told I had to wait till the kids were 7. The reason given was ‘elf and safety.

So tonight’s amazing news comes as a true surprise, and a shot of real joy for a mum who’d always secretly thought that her youngest child and only daughter had in her the most flair for climbing out of the three. 🤗🙌

Then I found out that today happens to be International Day of the Girl. Somehow – for this girl who chose to give up ballet for climbing – this all seems to fit so extra-resonantly together. 💕

#girlpower #thisgirlcan #strong #beautiful #tomboy #samseng #mamasgirl #chipoffolblock

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