Of patterns and perseverance

It is done. And about time too.

This one took many hours, accrued in erratic snatches of fifteen to twenty minutes here and there. As the pattern grew increasingly complex I found the visual stimulation actually fatiguing; too much of a good thing, as I had to repeatedly helicopter back up from detail to assess the slowly dwindling areas of white to be filled selectively in, and the multiple decision-making got finer- and finer-grained, and tbh I got more and more fed up. 😳

You know moving house? How there always seems to be this highly irritating stubborn last 15% of miscellany that is just a bit too important to discard, yet doesn’t fall into any of the neat categories the rest of the stuff sorted themselves into?

That’s kind of how I felt, wanting to draw this to a close (“wallow seepeh sian man enough oredi!”).

But the challenge I had set myself – to execute this notably more intricate one (compared to the first one) only in shades of blue, red and white – and, what is more, to weave high-fidelity replication in certain sections seamlessly together with other sections of distinct complementarity – but not like you’d notice on first glance that the patterns don’t necessarily repeat, unless you took a closer look – so the final result has a sort of shimmery illusory quality to it, balanced but not boring, symmetrical yet not… the task demanded me to sustain the discipline of making choices with the same level of care from start to end.

Otherwise (and I made a couple of mistakes along the way that I had to correct with darker colours) that precariously-calibrated harmony ran the constant risk of going wonky. Shades too similar were placed too close to each other; light and dark weren’t well-dispersed. And so on.

I actually regretted the pink big time when I introduced it. It looked so wrong – pale, washed-out, insipid, next to the strong blues and reds.

I decided to try and make amends by introducing the teal. Which only heightened my annoyance. In the early stages – you can track its progress in the pics – it just so obviously didn’t belong.

So I remembered what my doctor friends Wendy and Roland taught me so usefully years ago: “the solution to pollution is dilution” 😆 and I decided to make the best attempt at a silk purse out of this sow’s ear by running with these unwelcome intruders and distribute them everywhere as elegantly as I could.

I have written several times about our inherent blindnesses to ourselves; I actually had to stop at some point, take a good hard look at what I had created, and say aloud to myself, “dammit, yeel, you must be mad if you can consider this not beautiful.”

Anyhow. What do you guys think – do you like it? I must say, sono contenta with the final result. Letting my eye rove over the details gives me a not insignificant measure of quiet pleasure.

PS. The cabin crew on the flight who was watching me in fascination asked me if I designed fabrics for a living. How cool would that be! Why didn’t I ever think of that as a possible career option? ☺️#whenigrowup

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