On journeys between life and death

While the kids cycle their hearts out on this well-equipped training ground for mountain biking, gaining confidence and agility by the minute and enjoying themselves greatly, I take this window to bring to a close my own other kind of journey.

Only 24 pages left till the end of Beyond Biocentrism – the most joyous, life-affirming, existential adventure that I have ever been taken on.

Like any imminent ending of a really good thing, I rue its coming, but I know I will look up from its concluding pages, look around me, and be immeasurably changed for the better – as I have already found happening, from the last 173 pages thus far.

What a ride! Here right where I’ve stopped and taken this pic is near the close of a chapter called “You’re dead. Now what?”


The authors have already brought me on a breathtakingly wondrous, purely scientific voyage, busting the illusions of time and space, therefore also materiality and causality, thereby rendering meaningless the traditional notion of “death”, amongst other mind boggles.

The paragraph I’ve just finished – you can see it here – succinctly ties up some of the most central thoughts I’d been entertaining even before commencing the book, e.g. the perfect conservation of energy, the infinite within the seemingly finite, the centrality of consciousness to unlocking the puzzle of our existence and the meaning of it – the preceding chapter was on the search for the Grand Unified Theory – and that wonderful, multilayered word, “potential”.

“All the other information…exists in superposition, as potential.” I read the last word. And it slots – “chink” – right beautifully into place, in my mind and my heart, as the words “Living Potential” came to me fifteen years ago already, when I was finishing my corporate coach training foundation programme with Coach U and had determined this was my life’s path, and I thought, “what a good name for my company.”

They wrote:

“We experience only a reality where the algorithm creates the burgeoning sense of self or nature, the way a needle on a phonograph record manifests a sound. The process turns this information into the three-dimensional reality we know and experience, such as the music being played at any given time.”  Living potential, indeed.

Whoops – Blake’s just come screeching to a halt next to me. He’s been so very good, the boy. I told him his sister was very sad that the lady in charge wouldn’t let her go on the big slopes with her brothers, because she was a bit young. So he went and kept her company on the little circuit instead. And now – ooh – he’s just succeeded in persuading the lady to let her go on the big track, because he’s practiced enough rounds with her and she’s more confident now. Good on him! (I sent him to do so  but he was the one who did it and pulled it off. )

It’s good, sitting here on the fresh grass, reading my book, watching them live.

IMG_1182 (Edited).JPG

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