Friends are the family you get to choose for yourselves

My last night in Singapore. Big work presentation tomorrow, before final errand running, packing, dinner, and airport.

I had nothing really planned for the weekend except low-key hunkering down with the family, packing, prep etc, with my main priority being the kids and giving them as much quality time with their cousins and friends as possible.

It ended up filled with love and friendship.

I’ve had no time to post much, inbetween running the activities and doing the need-to-be-dones.

In a way, looking through the many pics from the last 48 hours, I felt like posting these first, ‘cos that’s kinda what happened in order to bring this gathering about.

I had no time or opportunity to organise it. So these girls literally came from all over the island – Changi, Punggol, Jurong, Bishan, Clementi – to me instead, when I told them I couldn’t meet up ‘cos I may not have babysitting for the night and had to stay put (and that ‘cos I felt bad already having stretched my *amazing* mum and aunts’ availabilities and resources to the max covering for me during my work and personal commitments).

Mariam took matters in her own hands and organised for everyone to come by after dinner, bearing cheese, cider, kueh and company – leaving their own family commitments behind, fighting their own fatigue, just to show up for me.

Girls I have no words. Actually I do. You know them too…we sang them together. Filiae Melioris Aevi, for we are not only daughters but sisters of a better age. And to paraphrase Daenerys Stormborn (though I’ve never watched an episode of GoT in my life, I read this quote a coupla days ago), “We are no ordinary women. Our dreams come true.” 

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