Movement = change = possibility

Looking at these pictures, I find myself wondering why a movement is called a “movement”.

“Movement” means lots of things. “An act of moving”. “Arrival or departure”. “General activity or bustle”. “A group of people working together to advance their shared political, social, or artistic ideas.” “A change or development. “(music) A principal division of a longer musical work, self-sufficient in terms of key, tempo, and structure.” “The moving parts of a mechanism, especially aclock or watch”. (For those who think I’m pontificating, there’s “bowel movement”, too. :b)

For me, “movement” has a very simple, poetic-licence meaning. It shows life.

Living things move.

Even nominally “non-living” things – like mountains, or glaciers, or air – move.

When there is movement, things happen.

When there is movement, change happens.

Even if this change happens inside; imperceptible to all outside, even oneself, sometimes.

And where there is change, there is -possibility-.

I dunno what you think, but for me that’s good enough to live for.

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