The galvanising alchemy of words

As I reflect, wrung-dry dead-beat, on a day that has witnessed so much, out of the several photos I want to post tomorrow, I wanted to pick out this one to share with you tonight, as a nightcap.

Of all the many funny, rude, inspired, inspiring signs toted today, I just wanted to share this one that really -got- me. For some reason. I can’t tell you why. Again – the powerful, mysterious alchemy of words.

There are so many “rational” reasons why this statement might not be “true”. There is a lot of (excuse my uncharacteristic swearing) shit going on.

But this – this *spirit* in the air today – comes from a whole world out of the reach of the poverty of reason alone; of cynicism; of futility.

It doesn’t even come from hope. For hope can ring false dawns, and lead to greater despair.

For me, it comes from a more potently magical place than that.

It comes from determination.

And this realm of determination – of the setting of intention – is itself only the gateway to another, even more dangerously magical realm.

That’s the realm of action.

Good night, and good luck, dear friends. You may scoff and doubt, but in my own small experience, I am already finding that adding determination and action to a seemingly-naive/deluded/empty statement like “2017, we’ve got your back” can turn it into the opposite – an inspiring invitation to fulfil itself. 

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