Walking the talk – marching against Trump’s misogyny

I’m bringing Conrad along with me to join the London march tomorrow against the harmful, unacceptable, and intolerable ideas that Trump holds about women. Join us?

I got the original heads-up from the Women’s Equality (WE) party, and I plan to join their section (if we can successfully find them!) of the March. They’re meeting at 11.30am at near the Boris Bikes at the North East corner of Grosvenor Square, where Duke Street, Grosvenor Square and Brook Street meet (W1A 2LQ).

I’ve cut and pasted the WE party’s mission statement and goals for their (our) participation in the March below. Mind you, they are just one facet of a much, MUCH larger picture.

Most importantly – sorry in advance for the shouty capitals – WE WANT YOU MEN, WHO TRULY LOVE AND RESPECT US WOMEN FOR WHO WE REALLY ARE, TO SHOW UP FOR US.

This has never been a battle for just “women”, at least, for this bystander, sitting here on my laptop typing these words. Time and time again I’ve watched – and have experienced myself, more times than I care to list – human beings who have so much to offer, being cut down, minimised, sidelined, threatened, removed, sexualised, objectified, corrosively joked about, misunderstood, ignored, *feared* – for the simple reason that we were born with two X chromosomes instead of XY. (If you find yourself reading these words and starting to think that I’m exaggerating or making a mountain out of a molehill, may I gently suggest that you consider alongside your own perspective that privilege is invisible to the privileged.)

This matters to everybody, it must matter to everybody, for an equally simple reason.

Because what is lost, what has been lost from the systemic lack of contribution to the bigger picture for the millennia that women have not been able to add the true value they hold the potential for to common life, in whichever sphere you care to cast your eye on – is lost to all. Men AND women.

We all suffer, from half the world’s population not being able to pull their own weight. Whether we perceive this or not in our everyday experience – it is happening. It has been happening for a long, long, long, long time.

I’ll leave it to someone far more eloquent and qualified than me to remind you what this is about and what’s at stake here. Here’s Michelle Obama, from her electrifying speech last October during the Trump campaign:


Here are two more articles providing more info on tomorrow’s march.



The Women’s Equality Party: Women’s March Mission Statement
WE are the Women’s Equality Party and WE defend the rights of women of all backgrounds, beliefs, ethnicities and experiences in order that all may have a voice and so that our country may flourish as women enjoy the same rights and opportunities as men.

WE march on Saturday to reject the rhetoric of division and hate and the rise of xenophobia in this country and around the world. Racism and sexism threaten to roll back hard-won freedoms and halt progress in areas where there is still so much to do.

WE march together because our future and our inequalities are inextricably bound. Unless our future is shaped by the voices of all women – including BAME women, migrant women, disabled women, working class women and LGBTQ+ women – everyone will be poorer for it.

WE march to reclaim our democracy and bring the interests of all women into the political space because the inequalities we face are different, and where our inequalities intersect they magnify to such an extent that nothing short of a movement will dismantle them.

Our March Goals
WE demand an end to violence against women and reject any form of politics that normalises assault and harassment. We view any form of violence against us, including any attack on our reproductive rights, as an attack on our freedom and a step towards curtailing our participation in society, politics and the economy. And so WE say that the UK government must ratify the Istanbul Convention and provide sufficient and sustainable funding for prevention, protection, prosecution and provision of specialist services.

WE demand equal access to work and to worker’s rights. The process of Brexit must not ignore equal pay, shared parental leave, affordable childcare, flexible working or equal access to work. WE say that trade deals must be based on an understanding of how they affect women and men and deliver economic and social good for the whole country. WE say that the value of women’s paid and unpaid work must be recognised through the provision of sufficient and sustainable public services.

WE demand an immigration system that sees women and values their contribution to our economy and to our society – a system that doesn’t trap women in a state of dependency or penalise those who care for their children or relatives. WE will never accept a system and set of priorities that refuses women fleeing violence access to vital services or locks up pregnant women or survivors of torture and gender based violence.

WE demand an equal education system for the next generation so that all girls of all backgrounds may have equal opportunities for future careers and creativity according to the scope of their ambition rather than limited gender stereotypes. WE insist on mandatory sex and relationships education that supports children to understand consent and respect for one another, whatever their sexual orientation.

WE demand equal representation in politics so that our government may go forward to make decisions about our future with an understanding of the different experiences and needs of women. WE say that all political parties must urgently ensure parity of representation for women, including BAME women and disabled women, so that women’s voices are heard as we steer the United Kingdom through a period of unparallelled uncertainty.

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