The Big Brain Mapping – how can we ensure the power of this tool is used well?

I was just thinking this morning that our capacities for good – and ill – are bound by the potency and efficacy of our tools. A variation on the theme that Matthieu Ricard introduced, when he pointed out that power itself – like science or technology, subsets of that power – is value-neutral. A hammer can be used to build or destroy a house.

The more our tools have potential, the more power they hold for healing or destruction.

This brain mapping thing is big. Very big. Think about what maps can do. And how much power they have historically been used to channel up till today, for connection as much as for subjugation, for discovery as much as for exploitation.

Power and ethics must no longer be kept separate. The natural state is that they are one and the same. We suffer unimaginably, from the largest mass scale to the most intimate personal scale, from their forced division. This cannot continue.

(What also caught my eye is that the neuroscientist and geneticist Cori Bargmann is cited in this article, when she was also flagged up in the post I read today about the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative’s freshly-launched drive to eradicate disease in children. I don’t know anything about her but she must be doing some very interesting work.)

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